TEDxJCUS is a conference organised by a diverse group of people from James Cook University Singapore(JCUS) who wish to expose people to the culture of sharing ideas and getting infected by another’s passion.Through inspiring ideas, we aim to enable participants, especially the youth, to begin the search for a narrative greater than ourselves.

The theme for TEDxJCUS is Life in the Tropics which has been inspired in line with the research by Vice Chancellor of James Cook University Professor Sandra Harding. When speaking about tropics, we are referring to the zone called torrid, which is one of three zones that Aristotle divided the world into long time ago. This part of the world has been discriminated since then, as most of the population lived in the temperate and frigid zones. The tropics have been considered too hot for civilized habitation and too dangerous place of infection diseases. However, the tropics have become an increasingly critical and major expanding geo-political region. With a huge, and rapidly growing, population it is facing some of the most formidable issues in history, including the impact of climate change and environmental degradation, poor health and educational outcomes, extreme poverty, and political and economic instability.

TEDxJCUS presents a remarkable line up of great speakers with extensive expertise who are sharing their revolutionary ideas on the theme Life in the Tropics.

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